Saturday, October 20, 2007

Pumpkin Festival!!!!

Momma and Auntie Kelly took me, and me only to a pumpkin festival today. Saffie doesn't act proper when she goes out in public so she had to stay home.

Look this is me in Kelly's car. I had to sit on momma's lap because there was something in back of the jeep.
Look how cute I am...... Look at my eat. One is a little messed up because I refused to let it stay glued.
Here is me in front of the pumpkin display.
I didn't like it too much, until some little girls came over and they gave me pets.
This is me at the restaurant that momma and Kelly ate at. Look at my face! Momma was trying to get a picture of my spots on my tongue, like that airedale, Sunshade.


Maggie & Mitch said...

It's hard getting pictures of those tongue spots, huh? I have spots too but Mitch doesn't! What a fun day you had, Allegra!

Love ya lots,

Sadie-n-Boatie said...

Wow, I have tongue spots too. Mum thought it was probably cuz i'm so black.

ruff ruff,

Stanley said...

Allegra Girl!

I love all the close ups of your bootiful fuzzy face! Looks like a fun day, even if you were forced to pose with the evil pumkins.

Where on your tongue are your spots? My girl thought I didn't have any until one day I yawned with my mouth open wider than she'd ever seen it before. I have two medium-sized spots on the very back of my tongue. Crazy!

Come by and see my new sissy. Her name is Stella ~ speaking of crazy!

Goober love,